Islay Initiative / ijcvs


Islay and Jura CVS

The Islay and Jura CVS is one of the oldest voluntary support organisations in Scotland.  Established in 1969 the CVS has seen some extraordinary changes in society where volunteering and voluntary groups have become an integral part of service provision in communities.


We provide a range of support and advice services including:


  Help with identifying funding sources.

o   Information regarding child protection procedures and policies.

o   Provide assistance to organisations in developing their constitution.

o   Provide practical training courses such as first aid and health and safety.


o   Help new organisations apply to OSCR.

  Access to specialist training for board and volunteers including


Good Governance

Charity law 

Third Sector Partnership

Managing meetings effectively



Where possible we provide these services free of charge




Due to recent resignations, IJCVS  requires more Board members.  If you are interested in being involved please get in touch.  You will be provided with full training on the roles and responsibilities of board membership.

The Board of Directors



Diana Buller

Frances Roberts

Islay MacEarchern

Roberta McNeil