Islay Initiative / ijcvs

The Third Sector Partnership (more information can be found on The Third Sector Items pages) is charged with delivering four key outcomes across the whole local authority in each of the following areas:


·        supporting and developing a strong third sector

·         building the third sector relationship with community planning

·         volunteering development

·         social enterprise development


The partnership have agreed 8 objectives - 2 for each area:  We would welcome your input into what you would like us to provide over the coming year.




Support and develop a strong Third Sector

 Building third sector relationship with community planning

 Volunteering Development

Social Enterprise Development 

IJCVS will upskill and empower communities and organisations and enable them to make decisions which affect their lives

IJCVS will develop methods to enable Islay and Jura residents to feed into community planning

 IJCVS will provide recognised quality services to enable and support volunteers and volunteering development within our communities.

IJCVS will ensure social enterprise organisations are well informed and enabled to network at local and national level

 IJCVS will support, train and provide advice to all voluntary and community sector organisations

IJCVS ensure that support is co-ordinated with the council, stakeholders and other providers

IJCVS will inform,advise and support volunteer involving organisations and their volunteers

IJCVS will ensure social enterprise organisations are supported and offered training and advice to enable a growing sector in Argyll and Bute