Islay Initiative

Minutes of Board Meeting - December 2010





Present:                 Hamish Campbell (Chair),  Freddie Bell,  Islay McEachern and Diana Buller

In Attendance:     Lesley Anderson, Kirsten Laurie

Apologies              None

Minutes of previous meeting

Diana Buller proposes and Freddie Bell seconds.

Matters arising

Anne Pilley has resigned after the last meeting. She sent an email outlining her reasons and she has also left the LAG and associated committees.

The chair expressed his disappointment at the resignation but gives a vote of thanks for all of Anne’s time and effort over the years.

No other matters arising.

1. Conflict of Loyalty

The manager had researched this but cannot find information on Conflict of Loyalty in OSCR guidelines although there is information about Conflict of Interest. As this had been raised with the board advice had been sought from an HR expert who confirmed, in their estimation, there was no conflict of interest regarding the Youth Project as it was in fact a IJCVS Project.

The Chair asked if he still had their confidence which was motioned by Freddie Bell, seconded by Diana Buller and agreed by Islay McEachern.

2.  Youth Project

This was something Anne was heavily involved in and now Tracey is on holiday there is no contact available.

The board agree to push on as quickly as possible and aim for the youth project to be autonomous by the end of March as the CVS role is really just to make sure the project is able to happen.  There was some discussion regarding the LEADER application as this had been made by the CVS and clarification was needed regarding the acceptability of transferring these funds to another organisation.

With regards to accounting procedures, the CVS now have 3 accounts including SID.  It was proposed that the funds from IJCVS ‘property account’ be withdrawn leaving £10,000 for the youth project enabling them to manage their own budget and make the switch to autonomy easier.  The board agreed £4,000 should be left with the other £6,000 being allocated in £2,000 sums throughout the year.

It was also agreed the youth project would be accountable for its own audit and accountancy costs.

3 - Moving Forward:

IJCVS badly need new members for the board and the chair appealed to the other members to approach anyone they think might be interested as it is vital to retain a quorum.

The AGM had been delayed as the advert had not appeared in the Ileach when it was supposed to which meant there was not 21 days clear notice.

As Board members have other commitments it was agreed the AGM should go ahead on 11th February 2011  where the new youth project manager would give the same presentation as their interview one to enable the board to see what was intended for the coming year.

The plan to restructuring the organisation in the coming year to enable the IJCVS to pursue social enterprise options was discussed.  This would require the managers post to adapt according to funding.  This would require an adjustment to the existing Articles of Memorandum and Association.  The board agreed this was a productive way forward.

The name Islay Initiative was discussed as a working title for the organisational change to which the Board agree unanimously.

Any other Business

The South Islay Development manager gave an overview of how the organisation was progressing.  This is in the process of becoming constituted, survey responses (28%) and results hopefully before Christmas..

There was also an overview of the Moville project and Columba Challenge planned for next Spring and explain that the application for LEADER has to be in before 20th January, before SID are constituted. SID require another organisation to submit on SID’s behalf and ask if IJCVS would be prepared to do that. The necessary 5% could be provided by other involved organisations.

The board agree to front the application so long as the 5% can be provided from elsewhere.

As Anne Pilley had been the IJCVS treasurer and one of the signatories we would need to look for a new treasurer. 

Kirsten Laurie and Lesley Anderson both sought approved for annual leave. .  The manager taking A/L from 16th Dec – 4th Jan with Kirsten taking 15 days in February.

Date of Next Meeting:  11 February 2011 2pm for AGM