Islay Initiative / ijcvs

March Meeting


 2PM ON FRIDAY 18th MARCH 2011



Present:                 Hamish Campbell (Chair), Freddie Bell, Islay McEachern and Diana Buller

In Attendance:     Lesley Anderson, Kirsten Laurie, Tracey Hunter and Ciara MacTaggart

Apologies:             Roberta McNeill


Minutes of Previous Meeting

As the meeting following the AGM had not been quorate there was no minute.  The minutes of the December board meeting have still to be adopted and would be presented at the next board meeting.


Welcome and Introductions

The Chairman welcomed both Tracey and Ciara to the meeting as new members of staff.   Tracey gave the same presentation at the interview to bring highlight her plans for the coming year.  It was agreed this was the new team including two local young people made this a robust and positive project.

Youth Project

Tracey confirmed the age groups the project is aimed at include the 11 – 18 year olds as this picked up the P7’s going through the transitional stage from primary to secondary school.  Argyll and Bute Council have given funding through their More Chances, More Choices funding stream to work with disaffected young people.  Normally this would be for the over 16’s however there is leeway to include those under 16 if the work was for early intervention.

Clarification was sought as to what the project being ‘youth lead’ actually meant.  Tracey highlighted this vision was aimed at asking them what they wanted, how it should be delivered and that the young people should be involved in planning the project. 

The line management was formalised.  The two youth workers would report to Tracey directly who is line managed by Lesley.  This was not in relation to how the project is delivered etc but in terms of requesting holiday leave, disciplinary, sickness, etc.

There was discussion on what would happen to the youth project if IJCVS moves to a new organisation and what the timescales of any actions involved.   The board agreed there should be effort made to have a steering group in place by the end of June.  Lesley was waiting to hear back from LEADER regarding a possible move.

Core hours for the youth project were discussed.  The youth staff would undertake between 12 – 18 hours of direct service delivery and 6 other hours.  This would include working Thur, Fri and Sat nights.  The managers core hours were Monday and Friday from (totalling 14 hours) with the other 6 being used for drop ins, covering leave etc.

The board highlighted they did not want the youth workers to find they are building up ‘in lieu’ time and this should be used as soon as possible.

Lesley hoped the staff handbook should be available in April highlighting items such as in lieu etc.



The board was in the difficult position that they now had 3 members of staff in receipt of pensions and 2 without.  This had previously been approved without board approval, however Tracey explained this was a criteria of the LEADER funding and they had to include it in their application.   However ask Kirsten was also funded through LEADER Lesley would follow this up and see if it is possible for Kirsten to receive a pension.

The situation regarding Jura Development Trust and youth service for the island was now resolved with the youth workers travelling to Jura and Jura young people attending the Ballygrant drop in’s at alternate weeks.

Tracey and Ciara left the meeting.


Lesley apologised for not having a financial spreadsheet as she had been caught up doing evaluation and monitoring reports for the Scottish Government.

The Chair confirmed that although Argyll and Bute area received a higher than expected payout the IJCVS allocation would be £45,500 for 2011/2012.  However this would need re-negotiating again next January.  Importantly there was a good working inter partner relationship in place which was a positive move for the year ahead.


Islay Initiative

Question raised if this would have implication for Islay South as they are currently underway developing their governing documents which would be very similar to those of Islay Initiative – should it go head.  This shouldn’t be conflicted but would be good for a member of the SID group to sit on the IJCVS board to ensure each organisation is aware of what the other is doing.


Jura Development Trust

The withdrawal of the MOU is still causing concern.  The organisational context in which the MOU was drawn up has changed significantly especially as IJCVS has lost nearly 30% of its funding. It was agreed the Chair would invite representatives of the JDT board to meet to discuss the situation and the best way forward.


South Islay Development

Still waiting for news of funding applications from Big Lottery and LEADER regarding the Festival of the Sea, Unfortunately Scotland’s Island’s rejected the application.  Elaine Scott has done a fantastic job in her temporary role.


New Board Members

Roberta McNeil and Frances Roberts have submitted company director details for membership to the board.  This is great news as they both bring fresh ideas and new skills to the board.  It is hoped Alasdair Hutchison will also join representing a local volunteering project.  The board agreed it was vital that we seek a new board member from Jura to ensure fair representation of the island within IJCVS.





Date of Next Meeting

Lesley will forward dates of meetings for the coming year.  These are likely to be 6 weekly rather than monthly as time for board members was an issue.  If the board felt this wasn’t working it could resort back to monthly meets