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Festival of the Sea


Consultation Events Continue 


IJCVS has launched a tender opportunity for a consultant to develop a Feasibility Study for the Community Bakery.

Details of this can be found on the home page.




IJCVS and South Islay Development are delighted to present a Festival of the Sea.


Details of the programme can be found HERE


The board and staff of IJCVS would like to congratulate Kirsten Laurie for pulling together this fantastic programme of events.  This is a first for SID (and Kirsten) and we are sure it will be the start of many more exciting community projects.

Consultation for a proposed community bakery continues with a number awareness raising events and activities planned over the coming months.  Already held was a fantastic few hours at Port Ellen Primary who were learning about social enterprises.  The day presented a number of wonderful comments not least that regardless of age no one is ever to old for Play Doh.  Similarly i think it is fair to say that we can expect to see some of the children in later life appearing in Dragon's Den or as Alan Sugar's next apprentice.  Thanks you Kate Brown for the invite to address her class.


Another successful day was held at the Cybercafe as part of the South Islay Development consultation.  We have over 13 responses from the young people with every participant feeling the community bakery was a great idea.  Part of the day included cup cake decorating in which some of the boys seemed to enjoy more than the girls - although they also seemed to enjoy eating their art work too.


Additional days and events are also planned including a visit to Jura Lunch club in June, attending the festival of the sea and the Islay show's, a stand at the Whisky Festival in Bunnahabhain distillery to name but a few.


If you would like us to come along with our information stand, some simple questionnaires and a traunch of cup cakes please let us know we would be delighted to attend.

Diageo Consultation

It was heartening to hear during the Diageo Community feedback event that the one service the community would like to see was a new BAKERY.  As yet, and with the exception of a few voices during our first consultation event, absolutely every person we have spoken to is in favour of this project.