Islay Initiative

Minutes of Board Meeting - November 2010

Islay and Jura CVS Board meeting


19 Nov at the CVS office, Custom House, Bowmore.


In attendance


Hamish Campbell [ Chair ], Freddie Bell, Islay McEachern, Diana Buller and Ann Pilley


Also attending – IJCVS Business Manager Lesley Anderson, Youth Project worker Tracey Hunter.


Apologies – Joan Richardson.


  1. Minutes of last meeting


  1. Matters Arising



  1. Youth project








  1. Business Managers report

Acceptance of minutes – Freddie Bell and seconded by Diana Buller







Youth Project submission to Leader discussed. Board agreed to reduce the CVS contribution by £2000 making the contribution in financial terms now £10,000. Tracey to submit by Monday 22 Nov [ final deadline ] with this adjustment.


Lesley gave a brief report outlining her current work and informed Board about LD Open day in  Port Ellen on the 20 November.

Brief discussion about new role/name for



Meeting concluded at 3.30 approx.





Minutes accepted.







Board agreed to reduction in financial contribution by CVS.