Islay Initiative

Minutes of Board Meeting - October 2010

Islay and Jura CVS

Minutes for IJCVS Board Meeting

Custom House. Bowmore

29 October 2010

2pm – 3pm


Present:  Hamish Campbell  (Chair), Diana Buller, Freddie Bell and Islay McEachern.


Apologies:  Joan Richardson and Ann Pilley (Treasurer)


In Attendance:  Lesley Anderson (Manager) and Kirsten Laurie (South Islay LDO)


1.             Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes from the last meeting are approved. Proposed by Hamish Campbell and seconded by Diana Buller.

2.             Financial Update

·         Jean set up a spread sheet of accounts which allows different scenarios

·         Monthly running costs are discussed and best case scenario for phoney book returns is shown. History of phoney book fiasco is recapped and some funding still to go towards this.

·         Bare-bones funding by June 2011, if there are no unexpected income payments.

·         Spread sheet ‘what-if’ scenario is demonstrated by Lesley using the example of cutting her hours back to four days.

·         Can run a 12 month forecast with a definite 8 month forecast.

·         Accounts are looking a bit bleak.

·         The spread sheet doesn’t factor in any reserve funds available e.g. £44.5k of which £15,500 is committed for the land fund and £12,000 for the Youth Project leaving approximately £17,000 of unrestricted funds in this account.

·         The importance of the CVS becoming more sustainable is highlighted and it is agreed that they will need to be careful with money from now on. At the moment there may be small pockets of money coming in but nothing self-sustaining.

·         Hamish suggests that for the next while there will need to be less focus on providing CVS services unless people ask, in order to allow more time to work on restructuring the organisation.

·         Will Tracy’s job still be available past December? It won’t be possible to support it using CVS funds past December but other funding has been applied for. (LEADER application etc)

·         The project Tracy is working on just now will hopefully be up and running by January.

·         Conversation comes back to the phoney books again. At the very best the CVS will break-even on them (shown in the ‘what-if’ scenario). 50 Gaelic copies still to come out. The pricing of different aspects is discussed. It was conceded that the whole project had not gone well despite there being good intention behind it, it was badly handled at the time. Diana points out that a service to the community was still provided.

3.             Restructuring/Reorganisation of CVS

·         Remaining a CVS is no longer viable and this is a trend happening all over the country. There is less core funding available and more emphasis now on sustainable social enterprise.

·         Lesley outlines her conversation with James Hilder who provided good advice on how to do about restructuring.

·         Menu of funding concept. 2 days a week on CVS role along with Social Enterprise work. Part-time development officer funded by Big Lottery could contribute and other organisations may give some work. The role could be more than one person.

·         Money coming from more one pot = more secure.

·         Template to become a community company/trust is available from the Development Trust Association.

·          The CVS board would then become a steering group.

·         OSCR has to be given 40 days notice.

·         Must have membership – 100 people or 10% of the population

·         Assets already under CVS should be able to be transferred. Land fund money might have to be sent back but hopefully not.

·         The money for the village halls is discussed. There is an application in with the Scottish Government to install Wifi hot spots in halls. Line rental paid for the first year by CVS and then it would be up to the halls themselves. This money could maybe come out of the land fund. Doubt raised over the initial wisdom of the project. Perhaps it could tie in with businesses. However, the CVS want to ensure they value promises made in the past. There is an obligation to the halls even though the idea is largely disapproved of by the current board.

·         Recent Investing in Ideas application was successful. It includes £5,000 for community consultation which is mainly for the bakery but could perhaps be used for community consultation regarding the Development Trust idea.

·         Time-scale for restructure and having the first social enterprise up and running  will probably be around 3 years.

·         Bakery and CVS restructure are to be involved in the South Islay open day.

·         Hamish explains to the board that the term ‘Development Trust’ is not a legal entity.

·         A further meeting is proposed for further discussion into the process of restructuring. Need to work on definition and aims. The whole meeting will be dedicated just to that. The aims should be as wide as possible to allow for as wide a scope as possible for attracting funding and for the work it will be able to do. The new group will want to have impact community-wide and then the money generated can be spread into other areas.

·         Possibility of moving into renewables as part of this is discussed. There could be possible conflict issues with I.E.T but no one on the board was against this idea at this time.

·         Big Lottery won’t fund rented or leased property, it must be owned. CVS will need to have as much access to available funding as possible.

·         The board are all in agreement over moving towards a community company restructure.

4.             Bakery

·       Use the Investing in Ideas Grant to prove the want/need in the community for a bakery enterprise. Having 100 members will help to prove this.

·       The training aspect will be attractive to funders and can tie into Freddie’s work in the school. The bakery can provide to local businesses and provide space for community activity.

·       Could get a feasibility study done through investing in ideas money.

·       It must be wanted by the community and it must be sustainable.

5.             Jura Development Trust

·       Lesley has paid the £3,100 to JDT. They sent reports accounting for their time. JTA are not very happy that funding won’t continue past this year. Again, this is a historic obligation that had to be honoured for this year.

·       A meeting was held with them where they were informed about this.

·       Freddie suggests that when CVS are reformed the JDT will be excluded because they have their own Development Trust already. Just need to ensure they have some money to take over the Jura CVS role.

Any Other Business

6.             Youth Workers

·         Church of Scotland youth worker and CVS youth worker could be joined, need to look at possibilities regarding this.

·         Earlier attempts at this have failed but idea will be broached with them again.

·         Brief discussion about Council youth worker position.


Freddie leaves the meeting at 3pm. Board is no longer a quorate but all matters requiring one should have been dealt with already.

7.            Third Sector Partnership

·         Hamish and Lesley went to Peebles, working on application for Community Partnership funding. They both agreed it had gone well and that there seems to be a genuine partnership there.

·         Application to the Geoff Pearson at the Scottish Government went in today (29/10/10).

·         15th of December is when the pot is revealed and then it must be decided how it is to be split.

8.             Naming

·         Name of restructured CVS Community Company is discussed.

·         Islay Community Company is decided on as a working title.

·         Discussed open day and who could come and help.


9.             Date of Next Meeting

                Friday 19th November 2010.  Custom House, Main Street, Bowmore.