Islay Initiative / ijcvs

South Islay Development Office


Kirsten Laurie was appointed in September 2010 to the post of Local Development Officer for Islay South. Her position is part of a Scotland wide project called Growth at the Edge which identifies key areas of the country that could really benefit from development and employs Local Officers to make that happen. The Southern part of Islay, which covers the traditional parish boundary of Kildalton and Oa, has been identified as one such area.


The focus under this project is very much on community-led development. This could be anything at all, as long as it is considered of benefit to the whole community e.g. finding funding to help existing community groups, building new community-owned projects or businesses or just thinking of ways to make life better for everyone in the area.


The project is currently hosted by IJCVS and funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Leader.  However the project also has its own active steering group  and intends to become autonomous in early March 2011.


Kirsten is based in the Ramsay Hall, Port Ellen and can be contacted on 01496 300579 or email kirsten.laurie


Photograph courtesy of Ian Gray