Islay Initiative / ijcvs

IJCVS have looked at many different models for the way forward.  Each have their own merits and disadvantages. The board of Directors were looking for a model which would create greater community ownership and input. 


A common model is a Community Interest Company which many communities are following.  As with all organisations there are both positives and negatives to this. A significant downside to CIC's is that an organisation cannot be a CIC and also a charity - making it difficult to apply for grants to funding bodies.


Perhaps the most well used model for local communities is that of a development,  community trust, community owned organisation which has been used successfully in various islands communities including Mull, Jura. Eigg etc to develop an eclectic range of economic, social and environmental projects. 


Community Trusts / Owned Organisations


o   are owned and managed by the local community.


o   aim to achieve 'sustainable' development or regeneration of that community.


o   are independent, working in partnership with public, private and the third sectors.


o   aim to reduce economic dependency by generating income through enterprise and community assets.


o    can also be registered charities and so able to apply for grant funding when needed.


Therefore it is a Community Trust / Organisation model which IJCVS has provisionally taken  forward as Islay initiative.


Although still managed by a Board of Directors, Islay Initiative will be owned by the community and driven by its membership.


The new Articles of Association have been developed and approved by the Scottish Governments Community Assets Branch.  As this organisation works closely with both OSCR and Highlands and Island Enterprise we are confident they would also pass these stringent requirements.


The Way Forward