Islay Initiative / ijcvs

Islay Community Bakery

IJCVs has secured both Leader and  Big Lottery Investing in Ideas awards to explore the feasibility of the proposed Islay Initiative Community organisation  to develop and manage a bakery as a social enterprise to supply fresh produce for island residents, businesses and visitors.   To compliment the wholesale and retail service the bakery would have a small, informal front of shop social area in which community activities could be held (for approximately 10 participant) such as a children’s story telling hour, young persons discussion group etc.  The shop front would also be used as a gallery to display local artists work. 

Who would benefit from a community bakery?


The Islay Resident Community and Local Businesses
Currently local residents and businesses are restricted in choice and availability of baked items. This would provide a much-needed service providing fresh, reliable, sustainable produce throughout the year. 


Unemployed local residents

The bakery will offer permanent, non seasonal employment to local people while offering training and skills development opportunities to the Islay young people.  It is expected those young people taking part will also be employed part time at the weekends.


Visitors and Tourists
As with the local residents the bakery would meet the needs of the large number of visitors to the island. 


The Community Owned Organisation / Islay Initiative

As a social enterprise managed by the community organisation,  the bakery would move the organisation away from grant funding and help increase employment opportunities.


New Enterprises

Profits from this bakery could also be used to develop further social enterprises to meet local needs.


The Environment

The project could dramatically reduce the number of food miles associated with imported products and ensure compliance with the organisations aim for increased  'sustainablility'.