Islay Initiative

The Third Sector Forum is an informal method by which IJCVS can gain the views of voluntary, community and social enterprise groups and organisations and feed those views back to Argyll and Bute Council and the Community Planning Partnership.


Importantly,  the Third Sector Partnerhip have a seat on the Community Planning Partnership where they, on behalf of local forums, can raise issues for inclusion onto the Agenda enabling local priorities to be raised at the decision making level.


In addition to strengthening the community voice the forum enables networking and information sharing between the organisations themselves.


The forum can also work collectively to identify gaps in knowledge and skills in the voluntary sector and work together to address these through training provided by IJCVS.


The third sector forum welcomes representatives fom statutory agencies such as the NHS, police service, eduction and transport to name just a few.  Individual volunteers are also welcome to participate.

Third Sector Forum