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Currently part of the Islay & Jura CVS, the newly formed youth project is now underway. The team of three have many ideas for the summer months ahead but for now have an array of acitivities over the Easter Holidays to keep the youngsters entertainment.

The team were off to a good start this week with jewellery making, circus skills and sports activities all of which were a great success. Many attended the jewellery making which will continue on Monday 11th at the MacTaggart Leisure Centre. The circus was here for one week holding three session in Bowmore last week while the sport activities will continue on Monday 11th and Friday 15th meeting at Bowmore Hall. Details on the remaining events can be found in the ‘what’s on’ section on the back page of this issue.

After the Easter holidays there will be drop-in services established in various parts of Islay and Jura every Thursday, Friday, Saturday/Sunday in the run up to the Summer holidays. The plan is for each Thursday to alternate bewteen Ballygrant Hall and Jura Hall, Friday nights situated in Bowmore Hall and hopefully alternate Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons at the Port Mor Centre in Port Charlotte.

The idea for the drop-in services is to provide a social meeting point for young people with an under 13’s session from 6-8pm and over 13s from 8-10pm at each of the locations. They will have the opportunity to interact with each other, play games, music, be creative or simply socialise with friends. One of the aims for the Bowmore drop-in is to continue the previous music session with the rock band on Friday nights (including all music genres) amongst the other activities available. As the cyber cafe is already established and has a  brilliant  service in Port Ellen, the aim is to create something similar in other parts of Islay and Jura, however it is not restricted by location of residence, people are very welcome from any part of Islay and Jura to attend any of the drop-ins. The more the merrier.

The above drop-ins are planned to begin at the end of this month and further details will be given in the next issuse of the Ileach.

The team will also be planning plenty events during the summer, whether it is a continuation of drop-in centres and/or other acitivities. An animation and music workshop is already booked for the end of July. Any person interested in volunteering or contacting us with queiries, ideas or concerns are very welcome.

Contact Information:

Feel free to approach Tracey Hunter, Ciara MacTaggart and David MacLean or contact 07704 244797



Islay and Jura CVS Youth Project